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FrechID Comp Kit

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FrechID Comp Kit Summary

Introducing the French ID premium Compression Kit for all treadless forks.
Kit includes:
2 - Star Nuts
1 - 8" Alloy Centering  Rod
1 - Stainless Steel Hex Bolt
1 - 1" Alloy Rod Spacer
1 - Alloy Fork Centering Plate
Combine this compression kit with one of the French ID CNC-machined forks and have an awesome setup like the Pros.
C4Scooters is the only vendor for this product in North America!
Get one while they last !

Fitting Instructions:

1. Insert the large star nut into the handlebars from the bottom, entering the angled edge of the star nut first.
2. Continue to push the star nut up through the bars until there is approximately 5 -10mm of clearance between the star nut and the top of the fork steerer when assembled.
3. Screw the aluminium 8" Centering Rod (short threaded section) into the installed star nut until it stops. Gently tighten this up by hand but do not over tighten.
4. Screw the 1" Alloy Rod Spacer onto the other side (longer threaded section) of the 8" Centering Rod. Again, apply enough torque to ensure the parts stay together but do not over tighten.
5. Assemble the bars and forks onto the scooter, inserting the Alloy Fork Centering Plate and Stainless Steal Hex Bolt assembly up inside the steerer of the forks from the bottom.
6. Screw the assembly into the star nut by hand, then, using the steel bolt located underneath the forks, gently tighten the whole system until the headset has no play in the bearings. Once again excessive force is not required, the compression kit's function is only to pre-load the bearings and remove play, not as a structural device.
If you overtighten the assembly, you run the risk of separating the fork legs from the steering tube.


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FrechID Comp Kit

FrechID Comp Kit

Introducing the French ID premium Compression Kit for all treadless forks. Kit includes: 2 - Star Nuts...